Koenigsegg Jesko – Sista smäll-karamellen av Koenigsegg!?

Engineering Explained

The Koenigsegg Jesko’s engine is packed with clever engineering. The 5.0L twin-turbo V8 engine produces 1600 horsepower on E85 fuel, with 1500 Nm of torque! Koenigsegg claims it’s the most powerful.

Koenigsegg’s latest megacar, the Jesko, will likely be it’s last purely internal combustion engine powered vehicle. The car’s numbers are unreal. 1600 HP. 1000 kg of downforce. It features Koenigsegg’s Light Speed Transmission, a 9-speed, 7-clutch transmission capable of crazy fast shifts from any one gear to any other.

At the heart, is the twin-turbo V8. It’s now a flatplane crankshaft, a departure from the Agera’s crossplane crankshaft. This means it now revs higher, to 8500 RPM. Features include the ability to run on E85 or gasoline, triple fuel injectors per cylinder, tumble flow intake ports, a compressed air system to eliminate turbo lag, ceramic coated pistons to reduce hot spots, and individual pressure sensors to optimize engine timing. This video will dive into all the details!

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