SlaveCity at Zuecca Project Space, Venice (Italy)

Via VernissageTV. Ur beskrivningen:
”On the occasion of the Venice Architecture Biennial 2016, Zuecca Project Space presents Joep van Lieshout’s SlaveCity. Curated by Natalie Kovacs, the exhibition features models and sculptures of SlaveCity. In this video we have a look the show, and the director of Zuecca Project Space, Alessandro Possati, talks about the exhibition as well as the Zuecca Project Space.

“Conceived and built for a brave new world, SlaveCity is a functional city state populated by workers whose every function is calculated to maximize profits and minimize waste. Inspired by our increasingly technocratic society designed by bureaucrats with malevolent accounting software, van Lieshout has proffered this sardonic ultimate solution for neoliberal states and corporations looking to colonize our eco-future.”
Natalie Kovacs, Curator

Joep van Lieshout: SlaveCity curated by Natalie Kovacs at Zuecca Project Space, Venice (Italy). Interview with Alessandro Possati (Director, Zuecca Project Space). Venice (Italy), June 29, 2016”.

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